JMS is a recruitment marketing firm that specializes in connecting high-caliber job seekers, and industry-leading companies, but we are not a job board, or a search firm. We utilize proprietary AI and human touch to make ideal matches for candidates and the companies who hire us.

How will we help you find a great career?

  • You complete a simple profile and upload a resume
  • When clients give us job orders, the AI will scan for potential matches based on the job and requirements
  • The AI will send a list of candidates to our team for review
  • The team will reach out to you if you are deemed a potential match
  • You review the job and give a simple thumbs up or down
  • If you are still interested, one of our team members will reach out to chat with you
  • We will send your resume and profile to the company for review and consideration
  • The company takes it from there 

Why do companies use our service?

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We pride ourselves on being respectful of the client and the candidate’s time
  • We have a massive network of talent
  • We source talent based on the job each client is trying to fill
  • We save them time, money, and resources and greatly reduce their time to hire
  • They know the quality of our talent network