How do we tell your story

  • We have a network of 130+ influencers on LinkedIn that represent over 6 million followers. They help us to promote your job based on the requirements, industry, location, and more. They are paid only after they actually promote your position.
  • Email campaigns that are targeted based on the job, location, requirements, and more
  • Social media campaigns with or without creative
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Info sessions
  • Open houses
  • Media (online, television, podcast, editorial, print, and more)

What makes us different?

  • We market directly to the job seeker
  • We don’t ask our partners to pay for ads or media (unless they want to)
  • Results are tangible by the candidates we hand deliver and the hires you make
  • All candidates are screened and interviewed by JSM before you see them
  • We have a massive network of active talent (more than 6-million)
  • No recruiter fees or ad buys (unless you ask for them)




Workers with Disabilities

Skilled Labor